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Love this salon! I purchased a Groupon Now! deal and was excited to try an organic salon a couple of weeks ago. My highlights were done by Cheryl and James cut my hair. I get so many compliments and with just a little bit of instruction, Cheryl worked her magic with blending my many different shades of blonde highlights with outgrowth. The haircut, phenomenal. It was refreshing to have someone actually cut and style my hair and not be afraid to touch or reach over me to get the perfect cut and angle.

Let me say that I typically do not go to salons twice. It’s nothing personal, I’m just never wowed and the stylist rarely is able to produce a result that keeps me going back. It’s just under 3 weeks and my cut/color still looks like I just stepped out of the salon.

Cheryl and James are incredibly talented and probably the nicest, coolest people you’ll ever meet. This place is super laid back. We discussed everything from music and mullets to the new iPhone 5 features and small business ownership. They have organic product for you to purchase and are super informative without it ever feeling pushy.

I can’t wait to go back for my fall color change next month!

Marissa L.Berwyn, IL