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Organic Hair Color

Ammonia & Paraben free

Jus’ Hair Organic Salon offers Ammonia & Paraben-free organic hair coloring, which is the only hair coloring considered safe for pregnant women and cancer survivors. The Organic Color Systems product line is used which cover gray hair beautifully.

The process

We use a reconstructor on your hair prior to your color which insures protein and moisture levels for the color service to be successful. Then we actually condition the hair prior to the color service to ensure the hair’s sustainability for coloring. This improves the quality of the hair therefore having superior results.  Your hair will never feel better! Check it out and see for yourself in just one visit! Our organic hair color actually heals the hair.  Your hair will become healthier with each application. No worries on damaging your hair anymore.

Organic Color Systems Semi-Permanent Hair Color: 100% PPD, PTD and ammonia free

PD also known as Para-Phenylenediamine and PTD or Paratoluenediamine are aniline dyes that are commonly used in hair color pigments and are derived from petroleum products. In large concentrations they have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people that can result is skin, eye and bronchial irritations. This allergy can prevent people from getting their hair colored. The Organic Color Systems No Limits range contains neither of these dyes and is a welcomed alternative to traditional hair color. No Limits is also formulated without ammonia and also includes Soil Association certified organic ingredients. These products also contain no animal products, have not been tested on animals and have even been certified “Cruelty Free” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Organic Color Systems Permanent Hair Coloring: Low in PPD’s and other chemicals

Although the amount of PPD in Organic Color Systems is low enough to advertise the hair color as “PPD Free”, we feel that doing so would be disingenuous. Please note that Organic Color System’s permanent, darker hair colors does contain less than 1% PPD’s regardless of what they may advertise, but many have a low enough percentage to enable them to legally advertise as “PPD Free”. Upon request, we will administer a patch test especially for clients that give any indication of allergic reactions to PPD’s before applying any hair color. The amount of PPD used in this product is the lowest in the industry. No MEA, Resorcinol, ammonia or PTD is used in this product line.

Why a small amount of PPD is necessary: Eliminating ammonia allows us to use the lowest percentage of PPD’s possible while still achieving a permanent result. Ammoniated color requires high loads of PPD’s and require a lot more pigment – otherwise it would all wash out at the shampoo bowl.

Organic Color Systems Lightener Hair Coloring

Out Organic Color Systems Lighteners will lighten your hair color without the use of PPD, PTD or ammonia – no other lightener is safer!

Additional Information

Most of our stylists are Certified Hair Colorists for Organic Color Systems. This is the most advanced organic hair colorist credential obtainable worldwide & signifies a heightened commitment to her ongoing professional development.

Hair coloring services include: Highlighting, Low Lighting, and Artistic Coloring. Beautiful blondes, ravishing redheads, & luscious brunettes: The organic experience you will receive is just that! It’s an ‘experience’.

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Certified Organic Hair Color