About Jus’ Hair Organic Salon

Why Organic Hair Services?

Jus’ Hair is providing healthier, more natural, organic alternatives to salon services. It’s not just our business, it’s our cause and passion. Standard salon products cause damage to your hair while our organic products and services will actually heal and repair your hair without the use of harmful and unpleasant odors and chemicals.

How We’re Different

We believe in excellent customer service and strive to make our customers happy by providing services of great value and quality. We aren’t the least expensive or highest priced salon in the area, but our service and what we offer as an organic salon is priceless.

What we breathe & eat is just as important as what we are putting on our skin, our bodies, and our hair. This is why we use organics in our salon. It’s extremely important to us that clients who desire a safer and healthier lifestyle are able to obtain it. So many professional salon products and treatments contain harsh, dangerous, and toxic chemicals, making it difficult for an organic-minded person or vegan to fulfill their person health goals while still looking and feeling beautiful.

No Parabens, plastics, formaldehyde, or ammonia. No kidding. 

Up until now, it’s been difficult to find a salon that doesn’t use harmful chemicals and we want to make a difference in the industry by providing you with a healthy alternative. Whether you’ve been living an organic lifestyle or are new to the idea, we can be part of your decision by providing you a healthier way to color and treat your hair.